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See what our patients have to say about their procedures and their experience with Newport Foot & Ankle Center.

Liz E.Murrieta, CA

I have to say hands-down best Podiatrist in OC. I consider myself to be a very hard critic, more so after dealing with other podiatrist and or having to deal with their staff that have made me feel more insecure about myself than when I originally walked in their office. I had nail fungus that first started on my toe, and over time spread throughout all my nails on feet. But wait! Then I found Dr. Haupt, the first time I called in I had so many questions, I thought for sure the young lady was going to be annoyed and abrupt. However, Christine answered all my questions and concerns, I have to say Christine was my first point of contact, saying that she was beyond exceptional is an understatement. I got set up to see Dr. Haupt, keep in mind although my first experience was great with just setting up an appointment, I was still insecure about my feet. Then BOOM Dr. Haupt introduced himself, explained in detail as to what's going on, and procedure what procedure would be best. The whole visit I felt a sense of ease, and comfort. Set my surgery date, day of surgery Dr. Haupt stop by to see me and just made me feel at ease again (All 10 nails removed). Even after surgery for my checkups whether I talk with Christine, Karen, or Josie the girls are very personable and always make me feel welcomed. As for Dr. Haupt, you're such a great blessing and thank you for taking care of me and making me feel me again. My toes are coming along, can't wait until I can finally go and get a professional pedi!

G. H.Bell Gardens, CA

Dr. Haupt took over Dr. McCarter's practice when he retired. I can tell you as another physician that Dr. Haupt is detailed and hard working. He has seriously saved my son from recurrent ingrown toenails. He is kind, funny, and could be charging a lot more but doesn't because he genuinely cares about his patients. When I mentioned how much another podiatrist in this area charges for laser for toenail fungus, he told me he didn't feel right charging that much! There is another Asian female doctor who is really cute and funny. She let me son take a picture of his one-inch bloody toenail she needed to remove!

Meghan T.Long Beach, CA

I don't know what these other people are talking about regarding the office staff. I had a bit of an urgent issue and needed to be seen quickly. I called and they got me an appointment very quickly. Everyone at this office, the doctor and the staff, were nothing but helpful and friendly. I found the office efficient in dealing with my insurance company, and upfront about what my costs would be if any. I am feeling great now, and will recommend Dr. Haupt to anyone!

Laurie WrightLaguna Niguel, CA

Dr. Haupt is wonderful. He fixed my heal 15 years ago and it has been painless ever since. He is warm and professional. The office is beautiful. It runs to perfection, and the staff is caring and on point. I was and am very lucky to have Dr. Haupt to take care of me. I trust him 100 percent and highly respect his work. This is an excellent office with a great reputation in the community. Respectfully, Laurie Wright

Brian B.Phoenix, AZ

I saw DR. Haupt for a sore heel. It has hurt for months. He gave me some therapy to do at home because he said it wasn't serious but also dispensed some inserts right there in the office. I don't know the name of the inserts, but had his name on them and they have done wonders! Can I please get more pairs?! Thanks! Dr. Haupt

Suzie G.Irvine, CA

If you have any kind of foot pain, go see Dr. Haupt! He's knowledgeable and was able to help with my pain after just one visit. He really listened to the problem and was able to explain in detail what was happening with my foot. I even enjoyed the office staff and the nurse that took the x-rays. My only complaint would be that I didn't make an appointment sooner and lived with the pain for months. Thank you, Dr. Haupt!!!

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